I am a 68-year-old female in a basement apartment. Not only did they get it to me they placed it right side up so that I could assemble it. I was completely impressed with them! Would give them a 6 due to their help and care!
Cynthia S.
Centerville, Utah
Edgar and Sione were great! Very kind and helped me with my package. I just had surgery and they took it right to where I needed it to be. They also wore protective gear which I appreciate.
Hailey W.
North Salt Lake, Utah
Vili and Edgar were amazing!! They both were so patient and knowledgeable in helping me fit this huge sofa in my small apartment. I really appreciate that they went out of their way and even helped place it where I needed it in the living room. They deserve raises for such great service! I’ll be referring people to OnTime Delivery for sure.
Amaleki L.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Finally, a team that knows how to treat the customer! Not sure how you are doing it but keep it up. They were helpful polite and wearing masks! You got 5’s across the board largely because of them. Matt and Mario were awesome in every regard. Thank you for restoring my faith in delivery folks. Did it for years and made a point to ask "Is there anything I can help you with while I’m here?"
Mark H.
Salt Lake City, Utah
They delivered everything in almost a blizzard and I appreciated them very much.
Amy P.
Park City
Chris and Terrence were quick, polite and helpful in delivering my packages to the house.
Jonathan A.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Freddy and Ely were awesome!! They were so friendly professional and went above and beyond. They took my dresser out of the packaging and took all the garbage with them. I always try to order from Wayfair whenever possible- always a great experience and if something goes wrong. I can trust their service team will help rectify the situation.
Alex S.
Salt Lake City, Utah
The delivery team (Hudson and Lorenzo) was awesome! Because my husband and I are older and can’t lift heavy things I asked Hudson and Lorenzo if they would be willing to carry the large TV stand downstairs. They were very willing to do that! I was so grateful for their extra service. Thank you, Delivery Team!
Joanne J.
Saratoga Springs, Utah
Sione and Edgar were great! I would definitely hire them to deliver something again! They deserve a Gold Star or a bonus or a raise! Great team work! Thanks for being so awesome guys!
Megan I.
Ogden, Utah
Renato did an excellent job on the delivery. I live in rural area and have a very long driveway. Renato was able to negotiate the rough area and put my heavy armoire inside my front door. Great job.
Jay M.
Eden, Utah
The team did an excellent job keeping me informed. The drivers followed instructions where to place the delivery.
Betty B.
Bountiful, Utah
Carey and Chris were great and got the large heavy package right up to my front door with ease. They were super nice and helpful too. And strong!
Gina B.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Diego and Lang were very professional. They delivered the item during the said time and provided white glove service to open the packaging and make sure nothing was damaged. They also took away packaging at my request. Overall, a very, very good experience!! Give these guys a bonus/raise!
Shannon M.
Santaquin, Utah
My delivery team Matt and Mario was awesome! They were so professional, personable and friendly! They offered to bring into my house the two heavy office furniture items which was a huge help to me! They did so in a careful and professional manner! I hope I have them the next time I have items delivered!
Debra L.
West Haven, Utah
Those guys were awesome... Keep using OnTime Express Delivery! Friendly great service and "on time".
Edward D.
Nibley, Utah
This was by far the easiest delivery exchange I’ve had. Freddy and Ely were so personable and kindly brought my package inside to make it easy on me. Thanks so much!
Daniel S.
South Ogden, Utah
Saia and Villi were great! We live in a large apartment complex and our garage is unmarked and difficult to find. They are the first delivery people we have used who found it first time and parked immediately behind the door before calling me. It was a beautiful delivery.
Craig U.
North Logan, Utah
I was so pleased with the close contact I received by email and text to make sure I would know when my package was arriving. The delivery team was even so kind as to set it inside my door which was so nice because it was huge and very heavy.
Joy B.
Bountiful, Utah
Matt and Mario were very respectful and professional. They provided one of the best delivery experiences that I have ever had. If I could give them a 10+ I would. Thank you, Matt and Mario!
Michelle J.
Midvale, Utah
The guys Hudson and Lorenzo who delivered my love seat were awesome! They were so polite and efficient! They brought my loveseat in took it out of the box and set it up for me. So helpful! I appreciated them!
Sharon T.
Magna, Utah