Our Team

Leadership Team

OnTime focuses its operations on performance

OnTime focuses its operations on performance, working to ensure our drivers are friendly, helpful, exceed expectations and are on time. Our dedicated scheduling team employs their strengths in logistics and analytics to ensure our deliveries arrive as scheduled and our drivers provide stellar customer service. We operate like a small, family-owned business, and commit to ensuring employee satisfaction as well. We have assembled an experienced leadership team, dedicated to empowering all employees for success.

Customer Service/Scheduling Team

OnTime Express Logistics goes above and beyond to ensure deliveries are OnTime and serviced beyond expectations. Our 98% customer satisfaction rating exceeds the industry standard. Delays are communicated well in advance, and our “Rescue Team” steps in to employ our “sprinter van” in an emergency. We employ our “fireman” to find products delayed by the manufacturer and deliver essentials outside of the normal schedule whenever possible and do what it takes to care for the customer.


we deliver products that are in perfect condition for the customer.

OnTime Express Logistics is dedicated to ensuring we deliver products that are in perfect condition for the customer. We have a dedicated Deluxing Department that puts all items through our Prime Inspection Service and performs minor repairs prior to delivery. Our technicians also coordinate replacement items if deemed necessary.