John Silva

John Silva has served OnTime Express Logistics as a furniture deluxer and technician since 2018. Buying new furniture is exciting, and John has made it his mission to ensure that customers receive their product in perfect condition. If you see him outside of the warehouse, make sure you don’t mistake him for Mr. Bean!


Sela Fihaki

With seven years of experience in customer service, Sela Fihaki explains that successful customer service builds character and lifetime partnerships. By providing top-notch customer service and upholding great professionalism, the business continues to grow and builds clientele. Sela is bilingual, with Tongan being her first language.


Mele Pua

Mele Pua serves the customer service and scheduling departments at OnTime Express. With nine years of customer service experience, Mele explains that customer service leads to growth and success. Prioritizing customer service yields happy customers and builds loyalty, and helps to attract future customers and partnerships. When not working, Mele loves to eat!


Jerry Morgan

With more than 25 years in warehouse management, Jerry Morgan serves OnTime Express Logistics as warehouse manager. In this capacity, he manages warehouse staff and supervises the loading and offloading of all freight, both inbound and outbound. He works to maintain a safe and organized warehouse, assists vendors with warehouse dock sweeps, receives inbound freight, maintains product inventory and preps items for return transactions. Jerry works alongside the terminal manager to maintain operational costs and staff scheduling. In his free time, Jerry enjoys road trips across the country.


Angela V. Chang

With more than 15 years of experience in logistics and air freight management, Angela Chang serves as terminal manager for OnTime Express and station manager for the Next Gen-SLC partnership. As terminal manager, Angela Chang coordinates much of the business operations of OnTime Express Logistics. She is responsible for hiring, training monitoring and motivating staff and ensuring good customer service. She manages operational costs, engages with vendors, and supports and coordinates subcontractors. In addition, Angela, who joined OnTime in 2015, manages daily routes and over-the-road issues, and works to improve overall administrative processes. Angela, who earned an AA degree in business management from Everest College, enjoys spending time with her family when not working.


Sean Buchanan

Sean Buchanan answered a newspaper advertisement for a small package delivery driver. He loved being out in the community and interacting with customers. He developed a good rapport with many frequent customers. With this job, he had no idea he actually had mapped out his destiny. As time went on, many customers encouraged him to put his entrepreneurial mindset to work and start his own company. Within a few years, he did just that.

Sean founded OnTime Express Logistics in 2003. Today, he oversees all operations, remains active in new account sales and handles all accounting functions for the company. Sean has been in the logistics industry for over 25 years. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with his three dogs.